Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wrens or no wrens?

That is the question. During and shortly after the spell of cold weather I saw no activity around the wren nest. They had been so active before the cold weather that I worried something had happened to them. Two days ago, after being out in the yard for over an hour with no action - and having seen no action for days - I chanced a peek into the nest box. There I found a little nest with 5 small eggs about the size of large jelly beans. Still, I wondered if they had abandoned the nest, had met with foul (fowl?) play, or were just off doing something else. Yesterday one of the pair was on the fence near the nest trying his best to chase off a warbler. I'm not that good at identifying warblers so I can't be sure what kind it was. Small with some yellow, but that describes about half the warblers in the world. So, maybe the wrens are OK. I figure it's best to not look into the nest box until I'm sure the eggs should have hatched. That should take at least another week or so. This link has some interesting, TX specific, info about these little birds.

Otherwise, life in the backyard is doing quite well. Anemones, day flowers, winecups, salvia, and irises are all in bloom. I'm guessing the evening primrose will spring forth in a few days. I'll get out in the sunshine this afternoon and snap some pics of the flowers.

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