Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Flower pics

Here are some things blooming in the yard.
Edward's Plateau Spiderwort or Tradescantia pedicellata I have always called these spiderworts but there are many species in this genus. Some call them dayflowers but dayflowers are actually quite a bit taller. Here's a quote from the link above: Tradescantia pedicellata is a most unsatisfactory species. The species may have arisen as a hybrid between Tradescantia humilis and T. occidentalis and been recognized as a species because of its constant morphology and high pollen fertility (R. P. Celarier 1956). C. Sinclair (1967) concluded, however, that there was no evidence for the species' existence, and I have found it very difficult to recognize specimens that agree with the original description (no type has been located). A most "unsatisfactory species". Well, I happen to like them. So there.
One of our salvia plants.

A winecup. Callirhoe involucrata. I want to get a bunch more of these at the Wildflower Center plant sale in a couple of weeks.
And of course an iris. My brother gave me my irises and he claims they are descendants of the ones in our parents' back yard. Could be; it seems at home in mine.
I also bought some plain ole petunias and impatiens and put them in pots on the front porch. If the sun comes out again I take some pictures of those.

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  1. Such pretty pictures...I have both the deep purple and a softer more fuscia toned spiderwort...I wonder which is which?