Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour

I'm participating in Earth Hour and have turned off all my non-essential electronic devices and the house is quite dark. It's interesting what's essential. I decided that the night lights in the bathrooms might keep us from tripping and hurting ourselves so I left those on. The Earth Hour website suggested we blog during Earth Hour so I guess my modem and wireless router are essential. Go figure. I wish all my neighbors were participating and that all the street lights were out. Wouldn't it be nice to see the stars from your own backyard as if you were camping? No light pollution? The closest I've come, besides camping, to being electric free have been in times of power outages - usually from big storms. The ice storm of '77 in Dallas comes to mind. We were without power for a couple of days and my neighborhood was lucky. Then once in Grand Prairie we had a power outage that lasted thru evening and most of the night. In both situations, I was outside more and I talked to my neighbors. We're all in our own little electric caves these days, busy with our lives. What if we didn't have this electric convenience? What if I had to hand crank my modem? Would I be blogging now?

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