Sunday, May 10, 2009

Slimy Saturday; movie Sunday

Warning, this blogpost contains graphic images!
Yesterday I went to the Natural Gardener and bought plants for my Hell Strip (as Cheryl calls it). I thought I might put them out today but it's looking more like it will happen tomorrow. At the Natural Gardener I bought a new copy of an old book I had years ago - Worms Eat My Garbage. I came home and started flipping thru it and was inspired to sort thru my worm compost bin. I laid out some clear plastic and dumped the contents of the bin on it. Then I separated the black pile of compost into about a dozen piles. The worms wriggled down to the bottom of each pile to escape the light. I sorted thru those piles for about an hour and a half. Here is one (yes, only one) pile of worms I scooped up for a photo op.

Yikes! I took the compost they had created and put some of it in a bed where I put out the three tomato plants that my friend Marie had given me. The rest will have a similar fate in a few days as I make new beds. Then I got the bin ready for the worms to do their work by layering shredded newspaper and topsoil and tossing a fresh pile of peach skins for them to start working on.

And as if that wasn't enough creepy fun for one weekend, I found this when I was digging to prep the bed for tomatoes. This is the second one of these I've found in the yard. I've gotta' find out what they are. But that's for later because my son is taking me to see Star Trek - the new movie. Nature later, movie now.


  1. Arachnophobic . . . cold sweat dripping. You did warn me. I don't know what kind it is. Sorry.

    Worms are cool! I do not have a plethora of those squiggly critters in my yard. There are plenty, but I just don't have them concentrated.

    I know where to go if I want to go fishing. : )

  2. Okay, I'm ready to do this. What are you using for worm bins? Did you buy a commercial model? Did you make your own? I'm a little daunted in re how to begin this project. I just joined the Garden Guild here, and they sell a beginning supply of worms plus eggs.....but, where to put them?