Friday, April 17, 2009

A river runs thru it or, good day to be snail

I took the day off work to go to a vegetation survey training at the Wildflower Center. It was to begin at two and go ‘til six but it turned out to be a very rainy day. The last I heard, they were going ahead with the training but I opted out today and, weather willing, will attend tomorrow’s session. I battled the crankiness that comes with having dashed expectations but was snapped out of it by a growing pool of water just beyond and encroaching on the patio. The back yard is on a slope so rainwater funnels down the yard and out a gap under the gate – if there isn’t too much water. One of the new rain barrels – all of which are full by the way – has dammed up the flow. I went out in the rain and dug a trench so the water could flow out. It took awhile but here’s a picture of our little river. Isn’t it amazing how you can see how the soil separates? I looked at that and imagined a tiny canyon forming and I guess that’s how canyons would look if you were high above the earth. As I write, the rain has let up, at least for a bit. All in all, it’s a good day to be a snail.

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