Thursday, April 9, 2009

Baby praying mantis and other yard news

I found this little guy on one of my potted plants out front. He's quite small but I hope he eats lots of other bugs and gets really big. It's a beautiful day here in Central TX. The sun is shining, lots of things are blooming, a northern flicker was on the tree out front - just one of those storybook days here. Oh, and the wrens might have hatched a baby or two because they are spending a lot of time flying in and out of the wren house.

This afternoon I'm going to get a trellis or two and put out the morning glory seedlings that I started last week. I have been watering my plants with rain water AND I created a really low budget pond. Stay tuned for pictures of the pond when it's completed. That will be in a day or two. I used a number 3 washtub, filled it with rain water, and built it up with rocks. I had a pot in the shape of a fish so I drilled a hole in the fish mouth and put the tubing thru that so he spits out water. But before I can take a picture I need to spiff it up a little. I bought an inexpensive electric pump but I want to get a solar pump for the outdoor pond and I'll use the electric pump for a yet-to-be-created house pond.

Tomorrow is the plant sale at the Wildflower Center so check back to see what I bought.

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