Thursday, February 5, 2009

Worms are eating my veggies

Many, many years ago I had a worm compost set up. I kept it going until a visiting pet sitter overwatered my bin and ended the life of all my worms. Last week I got a bin of worms going by procuring red wigglers from a local worm farmer. His "farm" is in his kitchen. I bought some coconut husk material from the pet store because that's what he was using but newspapers and plain old dirt works fine too. So far they're happily crawling thru lettuce, strawberry tops, coffee grounds, and other material from the kitchen. It will take months to make compost but I'm happy to be recycling those materials instead of adding to landfills. If you want to try a worm bin yourself, this little tutorial is the shortest and sweetest I've found. Happy worm farming!

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